Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Personal Details

My full name is Ilmi Nureesya Bte Rozaidi. I am 10 years old and i am the eldest in my siblings. I have two others sibling, my brother and sister. My brother's name is Ilham Reezqy, 8 years old. And my sister's name is Ilmi Daleesa, 5 years old. My mummy's name is Ekyn, she is 32 yrs old. My daddy's name is Rozaidi and he is 37 yrs old. 

I love my family so much. My daddy is a video editor. He's work in advertising line in Petaling Jaya. I can see my daddy's work (TV Commercial) on TV. I always feel proud everytime i watched his work. My daddy is such a great editor

I will stop for today and continue to write later because i'm going to school! See ya girls!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Making Bracelet Is My Hobby

Making bracelet is my current hobby. Before this i'm always loves to spend my time with playing roller blade. I started to loves making bracelet since my mummy taught me how to made my bracelet. I loves the beads and pearls colors. It so beautiful and colorful. It make me feel so happy and confident when I wearing it. 

To make a bracelet, we need a rubber string and pearl beads. There's so many color and you can choose whatever color you want! For me, personally i loves pastels color such as dusty pink and dusty purple. You can put the pearls along the rubber string as many as you want as long as it fix with your cuffs. 

One day, when i wore it at school my friends saw and attracted to it. They amazed with my colorful bracelet and started to asked me whether I can make for them. So I decided to make for them as a present. They are so happy and so do I!